Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure! by Jon Daniels

Captip to Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk for breaking the Roy-to-Texas rumors - it's caused quite the tizzy. That said, everyone seems to be out to vehemently deny it, which only tells me that there may be something to it.

For instance, with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram debunking the "internet report" of the rumor.

First things first: Hardball Talk, while a site on the internet, is owned by NBC, which hardly condemns the fact that the rumor came from there as "an internet report." Only in the next paragraph did they link HBT to NBC. So, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, easy on the arrogance, just because you waste trees. If it came from Astros County, sure, write it off as an internet report (unless AC actually had a source- then I'd be set ablaze) but take into account the site itself, not whether or not it has an address.

To sum up: Piss off, Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Back to the rumor, to which Jon Daniels responded:
General manager Jon Daniels didn't respond directly to the report, but said, "You can probably figure this one out."

Maybe not. Be more specific.