Monday, May 10, 2010

Week Six Power Rankings!

Hardball Talk:
Astros: 29th
Richard Justice watches this team every day and he says that effort isn't the problem. Just talent. Cold comfort when you're as bad as the Astros are, but I guess it's enough to keep them out of the bottom slot for this week.

Astros: 30th
Even with Sunday's win, they've now lost 11 of 13 and Lance Berkman has said he'd accept a trade and if he were GM, he'd consider blowing the club up. Currently, their best offensive player is Michael Bourn, who's hitting .284/.366/.367. This team isn't just bad; they're hard to watch.

Astros: 30th
Astros pitchers could sure use a little help. Houston is last in the majors in hits, runs, doubles, total bases, RBIs, batting average, walks, on-base percentage and slugging. Oh, and 24th in fielding percentage.

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Kelsey said...

As witnessed by the Astros team slugging percentage, Astros and power should not be used in the same sentence.