Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recap for G46: Astros @ Brewers

Okay, so maybe I was a little hasty in the whole "Let's Shut Roy Down" talk, because he flat-out dominated, throwing eight shutout innings for the first time since August 17, 2008 (v. Arizona: 8OP, 1H/0ER). Astros win 5-0.

Why They Won

What? Aside from Roy? If he thought he needed to throw shutouts to get a win, he was right, but the Astros had this one comfortably. It's the first time the Astros had scored more than four runs in his starts since September 10, 2009, when the Astros scored seven - and lost - against the Braves.

Astros Pitching

Oswalt84/09:1109-74 (67.9%)25/13
Lyon11/00:013-10 (76.9%)1/2

Roy threw first-pitch strikes to 23 of 29 Brewers, and got to a 3-ball count three times (only allowing one walk). Oswalt/Lyon held the Brewers to 3.69 pitches per plate appearance.

Astros hitting

Finally, there's more to talk about with the hitting than there is the pitching. The Astros got three doubles on the night (they still haven't had more than four extra-base hits in a game this season), but were 12x35 with 4BB on the night, the second-highest number of hits by the team in a game this season. Their five runs marked the 11th time they've scored 5+ runs this season - and they're 9-2 when they score five or more runs.

Everybody but Feliz and Quintero got a hit, with Berkman leading the way with 3x4 and a walk. Pence, Lee, and Manzella were all 2x4. Manzella, by the by, has five hits and two walks in his last twelve ABs (three games).

Berkman started the scoring in the first, singling in Bourn (Lee got thrown out at home by Carlos Gomez to end the inning). In the third, Keppinger scored on Pence's double, and Pence scored on Lee's single. Manzella led off the 4th with a double, later scoring on Bourn's single. Berkman's single in the 5th scored Pence, and that's how the five runs came to be. The Astros had six hits w/RISP - which has to be a record or something.

They also drew four walks (Bourn, Pence, Berkman, Quintero) for the sixth time this season, and are 3-3 when drawing 4+ walks.

Pitch Count Hero: Pence (2x4, BB) - 27 pitches in five PAs
Pitch Count Punk: Feliz (0x4) - 11 pitches in four PAs.

Team Pitches/Plate Appearance: 4.36 (170 pitches in 39 PAs)

Man of the Match: Hey! There's actually more than one option here - but it has to go to Roy. If you're auditioning for other teams, then you go right ahead.

Goat of the Game: The Astros batters got on base 16 times. You know who didn't get on base? Pedro Feliz.