Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bogusevic/Johnson making some real progress

Ricky Bennett and minor league field coordinator Dick Scott are in Round Rock and like what they see, particularly with Chris Johnson and Brian Bogusevic.

"Compared to where he was a month ago when Dick last saw him, he said Bogusevic is really, really making a lot of progress offensively. He's hitting the ball to all parts of the field and is really driving the ball. He's got better plate coverage and he's making a lot of progress. C.J. is swinging the bat well, too. Having that injury early in the season, it kind of slowed him down, but now he's got some at-bats under his belt and he's starting to put things together like he did in Spring Training."

Hey, so here's an idea. Why don't we release one of the guys hitting .200 and replace them with someone hitting .300 at Triple-A?
"That's something we've talked about here recently. I don't think we're at the point yet, but if they continue to make progress the next month to six weeks, we have to give them consideration to have an opportunity to play here."

Month to six weeks. If Pedro Feliz is still hitting .207 in six weeks, and Chris Johnson is not on the team, I'm going to get drunk on hand sanitizer, listen to Jerry Jeff, and weep.