Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reaction to G35: Astros @ Giants

McTaggart has some reaction from last night's corn-cobbing:

"It's a bad day. Nothing was working well today. It was a really bad day. I tried to do the best I could do."

Note: That's not good.

"The thing was he was getting ahead of guys. I don't know how many times he got ahead of guys 1-2 and he wasn't able to put them away. That was the big issue, more than anything else."

Note: I do. Paulino got the count to two strikes 14 times: the Giants were 4x12, 7K:2BB

"He just never found a consistent rhythm. He came out and wasn't quite as sharp with his offspeed pitches and got behind in some counts, and then he had two innings or maybe three that he rolled right through. Then he fell back into that slot. We missed some 0-2 pitches, 1-2 pitches when we had some guys and maybe caught too much plate with them to good hitters. Sometimes you get away with them and sometimes you don't, and we definitely didn't get away with them tonight. Seems like every mistake or missed spot or bad selection on my part, it hurt us...

..."He's right on the brink of just taking off, I think. He's pumping 96, 97 [mph], and with the offspeed pitches that he has, he's real close. You just hate to see that one big inning -- three runs the first time and then mows them down for a couple of innings and gives up three runs again. Finding that rhythm is the biggest key for him."

"You always kind of want to get that first game and not really pay attention to the others. The first game of the series is the most important to try to get a little leverage, a little momentum and especially to keep the momentum we had from the Cardinals series. It didn't work out tonight. Seemed like everything they touched found its hole and sometimes it goes like that, and the score represented that."