Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oswalt's little dig at Lincecum

Fallas' Notes Column sees a number of items, including one in which the Astros are ordering Oswalt a replica of his 2005 NLCS MVP trophy that was damaged by the tornadoes this spring.

Oswalt, on facing Lincecum for the second time, and the career path of Timmy:
"He's pretty good; he's going to be real good. The first year when he came up, he found the ball pretty well. The first couple of years he had fastball and curveball, and now he's added the changeup and made him a little bit better. The biggest test is over and over and over through 200 innings every year, and see if he holds up. Three or four years of it is a little different than seven or eight years of it.”