Monday, May 24, 2010

The only thing eerie about the similarities between 2005 and 2010 is that people seem to believe them

McTaggart has an article in which there are apparently some similarities between whatever passes for this team and the 2005 team:

"I think there are some comparisons in that, just like that year, this year's roster is a lot more talented than the record would indicate. At that time, we weren't thinking we were going to make a World Series appearance, but we looked around at who we had and we thought, 'There's no way we're this bad.' This is similar because it's the same thing. I look around and think there's just no way we're this bad. In that way, we're similar."

Proving why I love Brad Mills like a brother, is Mills himself:
"Any time you start comparing to things like that in the past, I think you start getting in trouble a little bit as well. We have to play the best we can with who we have right here and go from there. I think there are a lot of good things. We've talked about the pitching. Any time you have some good pitching you can put it in place. We haven't swung the bats like we have hoped or thought we were capable of, and we think that's going to come around as well. You put those factors together and there's a good opportunity things are going to be getting a lot better."

Berkman, on the current roster and its impending implosion:
"The one thing Drayton has shown in the past is tremendous patience. He's not somebody that's going to make a hasty decision and blow the whole roster up. I'm not saying they're not going to do that at some point, but they're going to give this team every opportunity to be successful before they go in that direction."