Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Olney: Trade chatter will pick up after the draft

Between the "he-said/he-said" stuff that's going around (want an example? Check the One-Way Ticket: Texas series), Buster Olney has a note that you can expect the trade talk to be minimized until after the draft:

Some general managers say that the volume of trade conversation is picking up, but a lot of it is preparation for possible deals, rather than actual name-swapping. "I think the draft is preoccupying everybody," said one GM. "Once you get past the draft, you'll probably see some stuff start to happen."

So that means another couple of weeks with Roy-mors (rumors. Get it?). He also goes on to talk about Roy's ability to be wooed:
Of all the players in the majors, I'd say that Oswalt might be the least likely guy I know that would be susceptible to being wooed. He is as direct and as blunt as a sledgehammer, knows what he wants and is not going to be talked out of it.