Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frankie Piliere's new Mock Draft

FanHouse's Frankie Piliere just posted his new mock draft, featuring the first full round. He has a live chat at 1pm Eastern today, if you want to debate him, but let's see who he has the Astros taking:

#8: Zack Cox - 3B, Arkansas
Not only is this a fit because Houston has been on Cox heavily all spring, but it's also a match because the Astros are a team that has been quiet and Cox is a player on which there seems to be no consensus. Some scouts have described Cox's defense as borderline "comical" and others believe in his bat enough to overcome that. Houston may be one of those teams. They are in on several guys for this spot, including Choice, Brandon Workman, and Josh Sale. They'd prefer a college arm but the ideal guy may not be there.

#19: Josh Sale - OF, Bishop Blanchett HS (WA)
Houston has shown heavy interest in Sale, but it seems to be leaning toward a safer, college pick at eighth overall. If Sale is still around this late, I expect the Astros to jump on him.