Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nick Cafardo on Roy's possibilities

Nick Cafardo spends a decent amount of space talking about Roy Oswalt. What does he say?

Oswalt appears to be the prize for teams needing a front-of-the-rotation starter.

What makes more sense is the Dodgers, if they can take on payroll — and it appears they may be able to. Owner Frank McCourt, embroiled in a divorce, tightened the purse springs this offseason, but the Dodgers need a head-of-the-rotation guy and have made inquiries on Oswalt and Cliff Lee.

One team Oswalt would want to play for is St. Louis, but the feeling is the Astros wouldn’t deal him within the division.

White Sox
Astros organizational people feel Oswalt would not want to go to an American League team, but the chance to be reunited with best friend Jake Peavy in Chicago could change that.

And Cafardo stays in pretty close contact with Mills, who had this to say about the struggles of the team:
“Any time you take a job, it’s going to be challenging, and we’re up for those challenges. There were a few challenges that maybe we didn’t expect and that we didn’t see coming. We definitely didn’t see the offense being a challenge, especially from the people who are struggling."

On how he dealt with the news of Oswalt and Berkman wanting out:
“Obviously it’s there and we’re dealing with it. When I heard the comments, I went to both players and asked, ‘Is it the city, the manager, the team? What is it?’ Both guys indicated they’re getting older and they’d like a chance to win soon and they’d like to help the organization out by bringing back some good young players. So I understand where they’re coming from."

Let's get this straight. Mills' job should not be in jeopardy until 2018. This was a train-wreck of a roster that needed everything to go right - and in order - for 2010 not to be a complete cluster (you can finish that), which is exactly what has happened. I did not think the Astros would compete for the whole season, thinking they'd finish around 75 wins. They would have to finish the season 58-54 to hit that. This is not his fault. Sean Berry, however...

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