Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Levine says what we're all hoping

In Levine's new post, someone says what we've all been thinking, and hoping for, about Pedro Feliz:

They could platoon, banking on the fact that his career OPS is 53 points higher against lefties than against righties, and start switch-hitter Geoff Blum against righties, which would be his natural fit.

Or — and I don't expect this right away — they could go the Kaz Matsui route. Cut their losses on the field while keeping the losses coming in the bank account, as those losses are unavoidable barring a trade.

And of course Chris Johnson's hot re-start at Round Rock is driving this. This is a season about rebuilding. And who wouldn't rather see a 25-year old put up a .600 OPS than Pedro Feliz?