Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Leave Roy Alone!"

Channeling his inner Britney-fan-from-YouTube, John Royal speaks on Roy's behalf:

It's hard to understand how any reasonable person would disagree with Oswalt. Yet since Friday's announcement, Oswalt has been called a traitor, a cancer, a diva. People have said that for the money he's making, he should just shut up and pitch. There are fans who are offended that Oswalt that has dared to speak his mind, to criticize his teammates and management. It seems that there are so-called Astros fans out there who would rather the team be a bunch of lovable losers than for the team be full of guys like Oswalt who actually want to win baseball games.

I don't think he's a traitor, cancer, or a diva. I think he's inconsistent in why he wants to leave, but I understand it. I don't resent him for wanting to leave. Wade just needs to pull the trigger before he (Roy, not Ed) hurts himself.