Saturday, May 22, 2010

Justice: Astros may win in spite of Roy, not because of him

Richard Justice has been busy today. His new blog post details how the Astros may actually rally from this, despite 20% of the rotation crying like he has a banana in his tailpipe.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Astros played better in the days ahead. I'm not saying they're capable of any kind of sustained run, but I believe there are players who will feed off Roy Oswalt's unhappiness. As Geoff Blum said, ''I'm proud to be an Astro.''

At the moment, I think there are 24 players proud to wear the uniform of the Houston Astros. I don't know if they truly feel that way, or if they're sending a not-so-subtle message about Oswalt's attitude...

...There was a buzz inside the clubhouse Friday night after Brett Myers' great performance against the Rays. Players were happy and talkative and feeling pretty good about things.

Their attitude was a huge contrast to Oswalt's sullenness. I don't know this for a fact, but I believe Lance Berkman has chosen not to comment on Oswalt because he's caught in an impossible spot.

Does Roy deserve to go to a winner, or should he play out his contract? Either way, he's getting his money, and the Astros will get something for him. But this got ugly quick. Ed Wade should move quickly, because this can be the defining moment of his tenure - something that takes him from being a five-year guy to a 10-15 year guy. If Wade can figure out how to trade Roy quickly, it just might overshadow the reminder that he was once choke-slammed by Shawn Chacon. This is the chance to assert his authority, to show that anybody who doesn't want to be here can get the hell out. Roy went from being a guy who could have been the most celebrated Astro (post-2000) to being a guy the fanbase can't wait to get rid of, and if Wade can figure out a way to trade him to...well, I can't think of a team worse right now, even better.


John Royal said...

I disagree, slightly. I don't think the fanbase is eager to vet rid of Oswalt. The members of the fanbase I know support Oswalt, and we wish we, too, could get traded to a competent team that cares about winning.

Frankly, I'm tired of a team full of guys like Blum who are just proud to be Astros. I want a team full of guys like Oswalt who care more about winning, and that attitude, except for exceptions like Oswalt, has been missing from the Astros since Jeff Bagwell retired.

I for one wish Roy Oswalt the best, and I hope he ends up on a team that cares as much about winning as he does. He'll always be the second greatest Astros pitcher I have ever seen -- J.R. Richard being number one.

I only wish we had a competent front office to handle this trade.

Seth said...

I agree with you, John. The way this franchise was ran from after the 2005 season on under the Purpura reign sends me a message that they took a break from trying to put a sustained winner on the field.

Roy O was here through all of them years and has finally had enough and I don't blame him. Who knows how many times Drayton told him he was doing all he could to make this team be a "champion" when he was really just getting his jollies off signing players that would make it appear that he was trying to field a winner all the while he pinched pennies on investing in the future.

Reuben said...

You think Bagwell wasn't proud to be an Astro? Give me a break. Just because Geoff Blum isn't the most talented baseball player around doesn't mean he doesn't care about winning. What the Astros have been missing since the Bagwell days, they sure as hell ain't getting from Oswalt.

Oh, and here we go again. Another fan (or two) who thinks they're 1,000 times more qualified to be a GM than Ed Wade.