Monday, May 31, 2010

Frankie Piliere's new mock draft

Piliere put up an updated mock draft over at FanHouse today. Who does he have the Astros taking at #8 and #19?

#8: Michael Choice - OF, UT-Arlington
Despite rumors of Houston being in on prep players like Stetson Allie and Josh Sale at this spot, what I have heard is that Houston is looking for very signable guys and will look for a college bat in this spot. They'd like a chance at Josh Sale, but it seems like they'd rather have him at their second first-round pick. It's possible he could go here, but a college bat like Choice makes more sense, and they have scouted him heavily all spring. Brandon Workman has been mentioned here as well, if they do decide to go the pitching route. Aside from the Mets, they are the highest-picking team to show heavy interest in Kvasnicka, but word is they'd also prefer him at 19 rather than eight.

#19: Michael Kvasnicka - C/OF, Minnesota
Houston is very high on Kvasnicka and may even take him at No. 8, but that still appears unlikely. There's a lot out there about them looking into prep talents, but other clubs seem to think Houston is looking for easy-sign type players and college bats. They still could go with a prep bat here if the right guy is available or if Kvasnicka is gone. And, the reality is Kvasnicka has a very good chance to be gone.

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