Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Express acquire "Rojo" Johnson

The Express sent out a press release saying the Express have acquired Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson.

Johnson, who was born in East Texas but was raised in Venezuela, recently had his prison sentence commuted. He served time for running a smuggling ring that imported rare and illegal species of reptiles into the United States from South America during the mid-to-late 1990s. Thursday night's game marks Johnson's first in American professional baseball after a storied career in the Venezuelan leagues.

Farmstros has been all over this.

Johnson will be available for tonight's game versus Nashville. How Disney doesn't have the movie rights to this is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

If true, does this make "him" the Astros' property?

The Constable. said...

It was oddly-worded. I'll do some more checking.

AstroAndy said...

This is coming a little bit too close to the Will Ferrell appearance at Dell Diamond for me to not get those Sidd Finch vibes.

I'll believe it when I see the radar gun.