Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mock! (Draft!)

This is from a while ago, I realize, but there's a good Mock Draft over at Bonus Baby projecting the 1st Round & Supplemental. Who do the Astros take?

#8: Austin Wilson, OF from Harvard-Westlake HS (CA)
This pick assumes that Wilson doesn’t want $10 million, not that I’m saying I’ve heard anything about him wanting that much. Wilson represents the best raw upside in the entire hitting class outside of Harper, and the Astros typically love their raw, powerful, athletic hitters. With a pair of first-round picks, it’s questionable that they could afford an Austin Wilson type of prospect, but don’t underestimate them.

#19: Kevin Gausman, RHP Grandview HS (CO)
It really bothers me when I continually plug in the same player in the same slot over a number of mock drafts. However, this pick just makes too much sense. The Astros really like projectable prep arms with good command and plenty of potential, and they also aren’t afraid to find those pitchers in non-traditional baseball states. Gausman fits all of that criteria, and his season is just heating up.

#33: Robbie Aviles, RHP Suffern HS (NY)
The Astros have been building strong pitching depth through the draft in the two years since Bobby Heck took over, and I expect more of the same this year. After getting their hitting prospect with Austin Wilson early, going with Gausman and Aviles, a pair of high-ceiling arms in the Astros’ style of drafting would make a lot of sense. No matter who the names are on draft day, I expect the Astros to walk away with at least a pair of high-level arms.


I did just stumble across the latest Bonus Baby mock draft:

#8: Zach Cox, 3B Arkansas
I keep coming back to pairing Cox and the Astros together, and this is the third mock I've done so. It just makes a lot of sense from multiple standpoints. He should be pretty affordable for close to slot money for a team with a couple extra early picks, he fits a mold for solid hitting and power projection, and he also fills an organizational need at either third or second base.

#19: Kaleb Cowart, RHP Cook County HS (GA)
Though the feeling in the scouting community is still split on Cowart's long-term position, I see a team that values athleticism on the mound jumping on him early as a pitcher. The Astros love athletic arms with projectability and a decent pitch mix, and Cowart has both.