Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ed Wade defies you and I

Interesting quotes in Bernardo Fallas' Notes column this morning from Easy Eddie:

“The best thing that anybody can do at this point in time is be patient, continue to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities. If you look at our club, it's guys with track records, guys with records of success who are going to be successful in this game. I think being patient, keeping the faith in our guys and have them keeping the faith in their ability is important. But you've got to go grind out the at-bats. You can't just say it will happen; you've got to make it happen, and I think our guys recognize that fact.”

Yeah, but Carlos Lee is so bad:

“I'd defy anybody to think that at the end of the season Carlos isn't going to be standing there with 100-plus RBIs, even with the start he's been off to.”

Anyone disagree?

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