Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alyson Footer's blog post will give you a cavity

Alyson Footer's new blog post talks about pride, determination, and hope:

Are they mad? Yes. Frustrated? You bet. Baseball might be a kid's game, but Major League Baseball is big business. Professional pride drives players to give everything they have, night after night. They're upset with how things are going so far, and they're a bit shell-shocked at the record. A bad start? Again? Really?

But while clutch hits have eluded them, determination has not. Confidence hasn't waned either. Believe it or not, the talk in the clubhouse after the game wasn't how bad the team is, but how much they're looking forward to that moment when things finally start turning. They're waiting. Patiently? Maybe not. But they still feel they can pull this thing together.

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