Friday, May 7, 2010

Dalati: Don't expect a trade

FSH's David Dalati has some helpful info for us:

And moving a veteran icon to get young prospects? Drayton has recently become more open to the notion of developing players and he’s more open- minded about the value of prospects. But he still prefers the proven name brand player over the guy with terrific upside. Rebuilding? He has told me in the past, “It’s not part of my make-up.” It’s an admirable stance and it’s the reason the Astros made six playoff appearances over a nine year period. But, it’s also the reason the Astros hang on to veterans until the very end.

And then there’s Drayton’s fear that trading his established players during the season sends a message to the fans that the current season is over. Time to look ahead. McLane believes he might as well hang a banner outside of Minute Maid with the message “Don’t Bother Coming Today-We’re Re-Building.”