Saturday, May 8, 2010

Checking out this Run Differential stat

If anyone has seen this before, let me know, before I start to get excited. Here, what we do is to consider the score when the pitcher entered the game, and consider the score when they left, and come up with a +/- for runs. The offense obviously has something to do with this, so I realize the outside forces on this examination, but still...

Let's start with the rotation, who have all "enjoyed" six starts:

Oswalt: -4
Wandy: -15
Myers: -1
Norris: -18
Paulino: -15

And now the bullpen:

Sampson: -3
Fulchino: -8
Byrdak: -2
Moehler: -10
Lopez: -2
Gervacio: -6
Chacin: 0
Lyon: -6 (although it should be noted that, in his last eight appearances, he's at 0)
Lindstrom: -3

This is admittedly biased towards the starters, and the limitations of the offense, which for our chosen team, is a heavy bias.

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Eric said...

I think it's probably more useful to compare the Astros pitching staff in terms of numbers of runs given up compared to the average, and the offense to the number of runs scored against the average. I'm stealing from the Real Clear Thinkers here:

The Astros pitching has been more or less decent. It's the offense that's historically bad. I don't think any solutions are forthcoming, although it was kind of nice to hear Carlos Lee get booed when he grounded into that double play last night.