Thursday, May 13, 2010

Berkman's unnamed friend now doesn't think he'll go anywhere

In Jayson Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings column today, we hear back from Berkman's Unnamed Friend, who now isn't so sure Lance would waive anything:

"Lance doesn't want to go anywhere. Would he go somewhere for two months with a chance to win? Like I said before, absolutely. But I think he forgets he's got [a club] option. So it might not be two months. He might be gone for a year and two months. So unless the club wants to agree not to pick up the option or something, that's the only way I'd see him waiving it. But then, if you take that away, and it's only for two months, why would anybody give anything up for him? That's why I say he's not going anywhere."

Sounds like Berkman's Unnamed Friend has a lot of baseball knowledge there...