Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where in the world is Brian Pellegrini?

Anyone have any idea where Brian Pellegrini is? After a breakout season in 2009, it's hard to imagine he would be sent to Extended Spring Training, but he is not listed on any rosters. Anybody got any ideas?

Turns out Will knows. He's down in Florida rehabbing a groin injury, and living Da Life. You can follow him on Twitter.


Will said...

According to his twitter page, he's in Florida goin' nuts down there. He's rehabbing a groin injury and will probably join the Lancaster club when ready.

Will said...

From the tweets he's posted on his twitter page the last few months, it sounds like "Big Pelly" has maturity issues. This kid is all about partying right now and "gettin crunk." Someone in the organization needs to take him aside and offer some valuable advice about posting on social networking sites.