Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Laffz from the Big Lead

The Big Lead asks if the Astros could be worse than the 1988 Orioles, who started the season 0-21:

Short answer: no. It’s conceivable to think of Houston losing the next two in St. Louis and getting swept at Wrigley – Cubs’ offense has been putrid, but still, it’s Wrigley and spring is in air for the Bums – but dropping nine at home, including six to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, would almost be too much to bear for an organization that was in the World Series a half-decade ago.

So that's a relief. But then there are three "issues" for the Astros (and take this for what it is - it's in the same article as saying that Bud Norris, whom TBL identifies as SP3, "Has no business being in a rotation right now."):

1. Brad Mills
2. Payroll: This could get worse before it gets better. They got way too much money tied up in certain dudes.
3. And Houston, as a city. In general: Throwing this one out there, but a couple of years ago, Houston was crushing it sports-wise; they hosted all manner of specialty events (Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, etc.), the Rockets seemed legit, the Astros made back-to-back NLCS appearances, and the Texans were “on the brink.” Jump forward a couple of years: Rockets missed the playoffs, Yao Ming is a complete disaster, Texans have been “on the brink” so long that Kubiak is firmly on a hot seat, and now this.

The good part of any blog is the comments, because that's where the intelligence is revealed. Some choice excerpts:

-Plus, our best minor league prospect shares a name with an American Idol reject. The Astros are in bad bad shape.

-So is there going to be a NHL Playoff’s post?


Joe said...

This guy must have missed Bud Norris last year. He lead AAA in ERA for starters right? I know ERA isn't "super saber" but it counts for something.

Joe said...

Kubiak is hardly on the hot seat unless we start off 0-7 with the Texans this year. He just signed a new deal and most likely will not be gone. As far as I'm concerned Houston wasn't "on the brink" in any years David Carr was the quarterback. We had one year with a good defense but had no offense. We never had a top 5 offense or defense until two years ago. I cannot wait until we build a top 5 defense some day. Twenty years probably.