Thursday, April 15, 2010

What was Penny yapping about?

Because all the scoreless innings run together, I can't remember what inning it was last night, but Brad Penny and Michael Bourn started yapping at each other, and it looked like it was all Penny's fault. What was his problem? The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has your answer.

“I’m a competitor, and when you’ve got guys fouling the ball off and acting like they should have hit it out of the park, I was just, ‘Be respectful. Take your at-bat. You shouldn’t hit everything out of the park. You don’t hit many home runs.’”

Oooh, snap. Hope you feel good about yourself, Penny.


Ryan Sides said...

I hate to say it, but that does echo what Ensberg said in his Bagwell piece about not showing up the pitcher.

Just my two cents. (Although I must say, I didn't notice anything glaringly disrespectful from Bourn during that at-bat. But I wasn't watching in HD, so that might have been why I miss it.)

Patrick said...

i didn't notice anything like that either. Bourn gets frustrated at the plate sometimes, but it always seems like he's getting frustrated with himself.

Not only's tough to take Brad Penny too seriously after daring a bat boy to drink a gallon of milk in under an hour for $500 a few years back.

Joe said...

Wow Brad Penny is an asshat. If Bourn wants to glare, he has the right. Numerous hitters do it and just because michael doesn't hit 40 homers a year, he wants to cry. Well everyone isn't on steroids anymore and the game has evolved into more speed and defense orientated. The guy has a gold glove and is regarded as one of the best baserunners in the game. Brad Penny, when you are regarded as the best or one of the best at something significant, call me.