Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wagner, still reppin' 713

The Cuz sent me this quote, from an article on Billy Wagner, on the Atlanta clubhouse after giving up a game-tying homer to Edgar Renteria:

"After those games, I don't really like to show my face. I feel horrible. But these guys in here were like, 'You're OK. No big deal.' I've been on teams where you have a tough game like I did the other day and it's like, 'What's up with this guy?' Here, you have guys coming up and saying, 'Hey, we win as a team and lose as a team.' That's something I haven't heard since I played in Houston."


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Joe said...

Yes Billy "the kid" is speaking gospel. That is exactly why most people don't like Houston. We were a legitimate team when a lot of teams were laughable. I'm not sure if Billy is referring to the time when players had each others back or just merely being in Houston when we had a all for one and one for all mentality.