Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stark on buzzards circling Minute Maid

In Jayson Stark's Rumblings and Grumblings column today, he takes on the Astros and possible trades.

Hey, what about trading Lance or Carlos?
Well, you can just about forget Lee and Berkman, who have full no-trades they've never shown any interest in waiving.

But Roy?
The ace also has a total no-trade clause, but he has told the Astros in the past he would at least think about dropping it if it meant moving to the right team in the right circumstances. So what's the right team?

One old friend of Oswalt believes his three preferred destinations would be Atlanta, St. Louis or Texas. ("Those are the three teams he's talked about if it ever gets to that point," the friend said.)

But despite his preference to stay in the National League and pitch in the South or Midwest, the friend said he could also see Oswalt agreeing to go someplace where he could slot into a deep rotation, as opposed to a team where he'd be viewed as The Savior. Could that bring clubs like the Dodgers or Angels into the mix? Possibly. But it's way too early to play that game.

What would you think about Roy going to Texas, Atlanta, or St. Louis?


Spruce said...

I live in the DFW area and I am always hearing about how deep the Rangers farm system is. If we could get a couple of good prospects for Roy, it may be a good trade for both teams.

BryanTSC said...

I don't see StL as a realistic trade partner.

Kevin said...

St Louis' farm is in worse shape than ours... Plus adding Roy's $16M in payroll when they're trying to extend Pooh-jols... not likely.

Texas would be the best place to pick prospects from obviously but they'd likely not be able to add the payroll because of the ownership issues. But by the trade deadline it could be a non factor.

Atlanta makes the most sense as far as being able to add payroll, but do they really need starting pitching? A rotation of Lowe, Hudson, Hanson, Jurjjens is pretty stout.

OremLK said...

I don't see Atlanta as needing Oswalt unless we take back Lowe as part of the deal, which I would not want to do.

St. Louis has nothing appropriate for making such a trade and they probably don't want Roy's salary on their payroll. Besides, they already have two lights out aces and a solid #3 guy.

Texas is a possibility, but I think we need a major league ready starting pitcher as part of the deal, and I don't know if they have enough of those yet that they'd be willing to give up. Also, payroll problems, as previously mentioned. Still, this seems like the most likely of the three.

The Rays or the Rockies seem more plausible to me in terms of desiring Roy's services, being willing to pay for them, and having the pieces to make a trade. But I don't know if Roy would waive his NTC to go to either of those teams.

Anonymous said...

Do I have to be the one to say it?? Okay - PLEASE DON'T TRADE OSWALT!!!! Not many teams have a legitimate ace. The Astros do. Lucky us. We're not bad enough yet to consider trading him.

Joe said...

Oswalt is hardly an Ace anymore though. He's a good number two in the AL or NL. If we could net Justin Smoak which I high doubt, then I would be willing to move him to Texas. I wouldn't mind losing to Roy against a team so close to home. However, trading him to the Braves or Cardinals is not worth it. The Cards have a bad farm and Atlanta is too deep in their rotation. Those are our rivals. You don't trade your franchise guys to RIVALS. Tell the Rangers to start the bidding and tell the other AL west teams that we are listening. Roy would go to the Angels, Rangers and possibly the Mariners or A's if they can stay hot. Ben Sheets and him are hunting buddies. Just keep him out of the NL
and Nolan Ryan we want Smoak, Perez and Scheppers. JK