Monday, April 12, 2010

Some days Berkman's fine. Some days he's not...'s Nate Lansch checks in with an update on Lance Berkman:

"There is no timetable set forth at all. When he does finally come back, we want him to be 100 percent to where he's able to play and he's ready to play every day -- instead of maybe play for a week and then he's so sore he's got to sit out four or five days or another week, or go on the DL another 15. We don't want that to happen. When he comes back, we want him to be ready. The thing is, some days he comes in and he feels real good, and then they try to increase the activity -- and all of a sudden, it's not there. So I think what we're looking for is maybe to get a little stability in that process and in his program to where he feels a little bit more comfortable to get through it."


You also may notice a different lineup for today's game with the Cardinals, in which Manzella is batting 2nd and Matsui is batting 7th. Mills also originally had Feliz hitting 3rd, and dropped Pence to sixth. But he then, uh, switched them back.

"At this point, it's so early in the season and it's my first year -- I'm just doing whatever they tell me to do and try to execute it as best as I can. The two-hole is a very comfortable position for me. That's pretty much the spot I've hit for the last seven years. It's not an unfamiliar spot for me. It's probably my most comfortable -- no, it's definitely my most comfortable spot in the lineup. When you get to this level, there are so many good levels that you have to adjust to whatever spot you're going to be in every day."

"We're gonna bat Tommy second and move Kaz down, just to see if we can get some things moving and take advantage of having Kaz, a left-handed hitter, down lower in the order."

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