Monday, April 26, 2010

Power Rankings!

Apparently five wins last week was worth five spots.

Hardball Talk:
Astros - 25th
Lance Berkman coming back made this team look a lot more respectable.

Astros - 25th
The Astros averaged 2.3 runs per game without Lance Berkman. Since his return from the DL, they are averaging 5.3.

Astros - 20th
"The Astros are 8-2 after their 0-8 start. Sure, three of those wins came against the scuffling Pirates, but with Lance Berkman back in the lineup the 'Stros are on an undeniable tear. They don't play a team that's currently over .500 until the Padres at the end of next week, so there's no reason to think it can't continue for a least a bit longer."

Sporting News:
Astros - 21st
Houston roared out of last place in this poll by winning seven of eight, against the Cubs, Marlins and Pirates. Lance Berkman's return to the lineup has helped.