Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One last Power Ranking

I almost ignored it. I really did. But CBS Sports' Larry Dobrow filed his Power Rankings today, and he just isn't seeing what we're seeing. And he's already got Brad Mills on a new job hunt.

Astros: 26th
I don't care what this team did last week. They remain bad -- not mediocre, bad -- at most facets of the game. Just look who they've been playing before you start dreaming dynastic dreams ... On the other hand, the schedule stays manageable (Reds/Braves/Diamondbacks/Padres) for the next few weeks ... I do love me some Brad Mills, though, who's steady and smart. Hopefully he'll eventually land in a happier, more manageable situation, much as Manny Acta did.


Peanut said...

Well, that's a rather douchey thing to say.

OremLK said...

"Just look who they've been playing"...

So... two of the best teams in the National League, three teams with solid winning records in 2009, and one team which was very bad?

Our strength of schedule is going to get easier over the rest of the season, not harder.