Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nick Cafardo, on Oswalt

Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo has a new column up, and on his list is Roy Oswalt and the Astros:

It hasn’t been a pretty start for Brad Mills’s Astros, and it likely won’t be a great year. But that will be no reflection on Mills, because they seem to be heading toward better days. Sometimes it’s the old “got to take a step back to move forward’’ theory that applies, and in this case, the Astros may be on that path...

...If they have to — and it looks like they may have to — they will deal Roy Oswalt to a contender at the trading deadline. Though Oswalt has a no-trade clause, he wants to get to a contender.

With a lack of top-echelon starting pitching available — other than Cliff Lee and maybe Brandon Webb if he recovers from shoulder surgery — Oswalt could bring a number of top young players in return.

Can we just point out why Cafardo is one of the best in baseball - this is a prime example. He's seeing the bigger picture in Houston, from Boston, something a lot of journalists can't seem to do.