Thursday, April 1, 2010

Minor-league cuts

It was rumored that there were some major minor-league cuts (see what I did there? Bam!) on Monday night, and Baseball America confirmed it. Players no longer with the Astros are:

Casey Hudspeth
Ben Paxton
Jordan Powell
Spencer Hylander
Antonio Noguera
Kirkland Rivers
Craig Corrado
Mike Diaz
Gabe Suarez
Sean Barksdale

This makes me sad. Spencer Hylander had a good year. The Astros signed Paxton at the end of November - what the heck could have happened? And Gabe Suarez signed in May via the Long Island Ducks.

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Peanut said...

It's not surprising to see low-level minor league signings not work out. Those guys were mostly going to be roster filler anyway, and there are any number of reasons why they wind up leaving the organization: ineffectiveness, lack of roster space, a change in their own priorities--when it comes to non-prospects, things are really quite fluid.