Friday, November 6, 2009

GCL Astros - Spencer Hylander

50th Round draft pick Spencer Hylander - the last player drafted by the Astros in 2009 - put up some pretty impressive numbers in the GCL this season. He's next in our look at Eddie's Farm.

Spencer Hylander
How did he get here?: Drafted, 50th round of 2009 draft
Stats: 6'1", 195 lbs, Throws: Left
Age as of April 1, 2010: 23

Season line: 4-3, 39IP, 3.23 ERA/1.15 WHIP, 26K:9BB, .237 BAA, 1HR


As Reliever (14 games, 34IP): 3.44 ERA/1.21 WHIP, 22K:8BB, .244 BAA, 1HR
As Starter (1 game, 5IP): 1.80 ERA/0.80 WHIP, 4K:1BB, .176 BAA

vs. LHB (8.1IP): 2.16 ERA/0.84 WHIP, 8K:1BB, .194 BAA
vs. RHB (30.2IP): 3.52 ERA/1.24 WHIP, 18K:8BB, .248 BAA

Home (18IP): 3.00 ERA/1.06 WHIP, 15K:5BB, .212 BAA
Away (21IP): 3.43 ERA/1.24 WHIP, 11K:4BB, .256 BAA

Bases Empty (20.1IP): 1.13 WHIP, 15K:6BB, .210 BAA
Runners on (18.2IP): 1.18 WHIP, 11K:3BB, .268 BAA
w/RISP (10IP): 1.20 WHIP, 5K:2BB, .250 BAA

June (2 games, 2.1IP): 3.86 ERA/2.14 WHIP, 1K:3BB, .300 BAA
July (8 games, 23.1IP): 2.70 ERA/0.86 WHIP, 18K:4BB, .188 BAA
August (5 games, 1 start, 13.1IP): 4.05 ERA/1.43 WHIP, 7K:2BB, .298 BAA

K/9 Rate: 6.0
BB/9 Rate: 2.1
Groundout/Flyout Rate: 0.81
K:BB Ratio: 2.89

Hylander threw the fourth-highest number of IP for the GCL Astros, and had the 4th-best ERA among pitchers appearing in 10+ games, and 3rd-best WHIP among the same group. He has the chance to join Danny Meszaros - a 49th round pick - as a rapidly-ascending late-round prospect in the organization, as he had a very strong 2009 campaign. Showing good command with a low walk rate, Hylander's numbers would have been more impressive had it not been for a three-game stretch in late July in which he gave up 7ER in 6IP. Even with those games, he finished out the season with a 3.62 ERA in his last ten games.