Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lineup for G5: Astros v. Phillies

Here's your lineup for tonight's game:

1. Michaels - CF
2. Keppinger - 2B
3. Pence - RF
4. Lee - LF
5. Feliz - 1B
6. Johnson - 3B
7. Manzella - SS
8. Quintero - C
9. Paulino - P

Footer points out that Bourn is not hurt, it's just that Michaels needs to play.


Patrick said...

i'd rather see Michaels in RF and Pence on the bench

Joe said...

Yeah me too. Atleast Michael is putting up decent at bats. Hunter couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Tim Melton hisownself said tonight on the news that the Astros are NOT the worst team in Baseball. And if Tim Melton says it, it must be true.