Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let's ease up on this "hapless Astros" talk

The University of Pitt's daily newspaper, Pitt News, has some derogatory things to say about the Astros, even in light of the last three games:

In baseball news, the Pittsburgh Pirates have just hit the annual spring snag that will once again send them spiraling into the abyss that is last place. I had high hopes for this year’s team — ok, modest hopes — and the recent series with the Milwaukee Brewers demolished any optimistic thoughts that I had. Being outscored 36-1 is embarrassing enough, but follow that up with a sweep at the hands of the hapless Houston Astros is just too much. I hope the management decides to care sometime soon.

It takes some revisionist history to call a team that has won eight of their last ten (against the Cubs, Marlins, and Pirates) "hapless." Take it out on your ownership, but you're about ten days late on the "hapless" talk.

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Joe said...

Yeah 10 days late and a trillion dollars short.