Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gervacio up, Lopez down

You probably already know this, but just so it's in the archives after a self-imposed little break, Sam Gervacio has been activated from the DL and optioned Wilton Lopez back to Round Rock.

This is interesting, as Jeff Fulchino is the one with the team-high 7.50 ERA, while Lopez' sits at 4.50. Granted, we're talking about six innings for each, but it seemed like Lopez was feeling it, while Fulchino has struggled lately.


Joe said...

Fulchino helped our bullpen a whole lot last year. I could see why he has the nod over Lopez at this moment.

Ryan Sides said...

Further, Fulchino really only had one bad outing, giving up 4 of his 5 runs then. Outside of that, he's been ok in this uber-small sample size.

Joe said...

1.50+ era other than the one outing. I'm glad to know Sammy is back though.