Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Houston Press unveils your starting lineup

Richard Connelly has a different breakdown of your lineup, doing justice to their status as Resident Contrarians:

1B -- 37-year-old guy playing out of position
2B -- About-to-be-injured guy
SS -- Unproven rookie with seven big-league games under his belt
3B -- Journeyman
C -- Unproven rookie equivalent
LF -- Guy who doesn't like to exert himself
CF -- Nice player
RF -- Nice player

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Ryan Sides said...

Was that even productive? If you're going to say random things about 6 of the 8 hitters, why not for Pence and Bourn too? Couldn't they have at least come up with a "bad hitter throughout the minors who only had one good year" and "guy who can only feast off bad pitching" if we just HAD to be negative?!