Thursday, April 22, 2010

Galveston Daily News: Trade Roy

The Galveston County Daily News' Josh Buckley has an idea: Hey, the Astros should trade Roy!

Here are his three criteria for any trade:

• A starting pitcher at the Triple-A level who could move in the starting rotation by the end of the season.

• An MLB-ready third- or second baseman with power and a solid on-base percentage.

• Another pitcher in the Class A or Double-A level who throws at least in the mid-90s.

What say you?


Joe said...

More along the lines of a sure thing. I wouldn't mind having someone who has major league time even. As long as the player has shown he can get outs at the major league level. I know this sounds unrealistic, but this is coming from an Astros fan.

Kelsey said...

The only team that comes to mind, off the top of my head, is the Rays who could meet those requirements. Hellickson,Brignac/Rodriguez, and someone else. Although I'm sure we would have to eat most of Roy's contract. More than likely they wouldn't want to pay that much for an aging pitcher with a bad back. I'm not saying, just saying.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do NOT trade Roy. Please!! Michael.

Will said...

Everything ultimately is for sale, and you should never say no without listening to what you might get in return, but this is just more Oswalt to the Mets b.s. from NY media outlets. Drayton will not deal him unless the Astros are dead and buried at the deadline, and my sunny-side is always up on the Astros. They'll keep themselves in it enough to make certain Roy stays in Houston.