Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why the hell did Lance try to steal third base?

So Lance was caught trying to steal third in the 6th inning. As I wasn't able to see the game, I naturally assumed that Lee was supposed to be the one doing the hitting in a hit-and-run, and of course Lee missed the ball by a mile, likely by swinging at the pitch outside the zone.

But that isn't what happened at all! No, Lance was trying to steal third. Two games after coming back from a knee injury. Down a run. With the cleanup "hitter" at bat.

What happened, Lance:

"I was thinking nobody in the stadium expects me to try to steal third right here. It was the sixth inning, and I thought the worst-case scenario would be that we would end up with Carlos [Lee] on second base and two outs in the sixth against a tough pitcher where a hit still ties the game. If I made it then we had a chance to score an easy run off a guy that was giving us some fits. The thinking was sound, the mind was willing but the body was weak. If I had to do it all over again clearly I would not have attempted it. Clearly I did not notice my leg was as weak as it is. I'm glad we won the game because you guys would have made a bigger deal out of it."

It actually wasn't a terrible idea - which we can say after a W - it would be questionable if Lance would be able to score from second on that shaky knee, unless the ball was smoked.


Ryan Sides said...

My first thought was that it was at least the right time to do it -- getting to third with one out DRASTICALLY increases the probability of scoring. Of course, my second thought was that maybe with a bum knee he should have just stayed put...

mchicks said...

A few things here--

First off, Pence was up to bat (our 5 hitter) and probably the weakest hitter on the Astros right now. He has been completely over-matched at the plate and it looks like they have finally figured him out. He has terrible mechanics and looks like he is falling out of a tree when he swings. I like the aggressive play. The only chance we had at scoring there was to be aggressive and try to steal third.