Thursday, April 8, 2010

B.J. Hyatt is going back to Greeneville

2009 4th-Round pick pitcher B.J. Hyatt is heading back to Greeneville after a brutal season.

It'll be interesting to see the role the Astros have in mind for Hyatt. As a starter for the Gastros, Hyatt posted an 8.84 ERA/2.17 WHIP. Ouch, right? Well, as a reliever, Hyatt dropped that to 1.64 ERA/1.36 WHIP.


Steve Duer said...

Hyatt was shut down after just a few starts. He was used heavily by his college team. So his relief time was after his arm was rested. He has a very raw power arm. Control is the primary issue. When he is on, it is scary to see that 6'4" frame coming off that mound and a 95+ MPH fastball being released from about 55 feet.

Raw is the word you want to keep in mind with B.J.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment about BJ Steve. He threw a TOTAL of 80 innings in 2 years of JUCO. And only 32 of those were as a sophomore before he was taken in the 4th round. Heavily used? I don't think so. No matter though, I hope BJ lives up to his potential because he is an awesome kid and a very hard worker.