Sunday, April 18, 2010

Berkman and Bennett on Berkman

Ricky Bennett was encouraged by Berkman's start last night in Round Rock:

"I was glad to see that he came out of tonight's game healthy and had a couple of good swings. It didn't seem like he was favoring (his knee) at all; we talked to the training staff (following the game) and there is no swelling and he feels fine."

Berkman, on what has transpired this season without him, and the impact he'll have:
"I don't expect to jump in there and we're going to score 10 runs a game. It doesn't work like that, but it will be good to get back my spot in the lineup and it will help some of the other guys moving to where they need to be hitting. If we get the same type of pitching that we've gotten from our starters all year we're going to be a good ball team. The record doesn't look good right now but I'm encouraged by the way the guys have thrown the ball."

It looks like OremLK will be closer than I was on the prediction of when Berkman will return. He said April 24, I said May 1. So there you go.