Monday, March 1, 2010

Who's your #2 hitter?

Bernardo Fallas has a blog post (that sounds vaguely familiar) on who exactly will hit in the #2 spot.

"We're going to wait and see. The way our lineup sets up, obviously it would be outstanding if we had a guy in the second hole get on base all the time. We're going to search for that person."

It's probably going to be Matsui, but there's another possibility:

"Is Manzella going to be able to do it? Probably not to start of with. That's a lot of pressure putting on a young kid, batting that high in the order. But as the season goes on, if he is there, that might be a good spot for him. Could J.R. Towles fit there if he's our catcher? I don't know. He probably hasn't shown that sometimes but the ability is there."

Mills, on Matsui:
"You'd like to have your No. 2 hitter have a real good on-base percentage. But injuries have been a factor in his seasons. I've talked to him about being healthy and staying healthy throughout the year."

Yay! Mills is down with OBP!