Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We get Brett Myers better than they did in Philadelphia

Or so says Myers:

"It was time to start over in a new place. Obviously, after the [hip] surgery, teams were hesitant to take a chance on me. I thought I'd be comfortable here because I knew Ed Wade, the guy that drafted me with the Phillies. This was my main choice. Houston is a 21/2-hour flight from Jacksonville. Being in the south kind of suits me. People understand me a little bit better."

Myers' expectation on 2010:
"The only expectation I can have for this year is just trying to stay healthy. If I'm healthy, I know what I can accomplish. Everything feels good, but I got to be careful with things I do with my hip. It's recovered 100 percent. Coming back from the injury, that was the easy part. It's maintaining health that's going to be the hard part."