Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wandy's looking for that multi-year deal

Fallas' article on Wandy has a few things to note about his financial situation:

On whether the $5m arbitration decision will affect his game:
“I don't have any pressure, because I am satisfied with what they gave me."

But it's clear Wandy wants the security of a multi-year deal:
I feel comfortable in Houston. My whole career I have belonged to the Astros, and I want them to give me an opportunity to sign a multiyear (deal).”

I agree with the organizational decision not to sign long-term deals with arbitration players, because of the fact that you'll be getting market value - at least for the previous season. If the Astros had signed Pence to a Nick Markakis-esque deal, you run the risk of that being a very poor contract four or five years down the road. Going year-to-year with younger players at least allows the organization to see more ABs, more situations, and to better project that player's career, helping to determine the worth of a long-term deal.