Monday, March 29, 2010

That injection? Don't worry about that little injection

Fallas has some quotes regarding the injection Roy got in his back to start the Opener.

"We see this as a good news report. It is a maintenance issue. Dr. McCann said Roy is in a much better spot now than he was a year ago, or even last September, when he was working with him from the standpoint of his symmetry of his back and the structure. We take this as good news; he got the injection in his back and he is on point to pitch on Wednesday and on point to pitch on Opening Day.”

Let's hope Wade's right.

And McTaggart has an update on Berkman, saying it's a possibility he'll be put on the DL.

"If he's not at the point of getting into games in the next couple of days, then I think the prudent thing would be to go ahead and disable him and give him time to get ready. We're not there yet. He could come in tomorrow and say, 'I'm good to go on Wednesday.' We could leave him back here and he could play in [Minor League] games all the way through Sunday if it looked as if he were moving in a straight line and would be ready for Opening Day."