Friday, March 5, 2010

Survivor: Kissimmee, Episode #1

Let's take a look at what we know about the roster, and then use some information from Bernardo Fallas to supplement it.

1B - Berkman
2B - Matsui
3B - Feliz
SS - Manzella
IF5 - Blum
LF - Lee
CF - Bourn
RF - Pence
OF4 - Michaels
C2 - Quintero

We see from Fallas that the Astros plan on carrying seven in the bullpen, meaning there will be 13 position players on the Opening Day roster, meaning there are only a couple of spots open: IF6, C1, and OF5.

Norris has to come out and go all Wild Thing in order to go back to Round Rock, and there's a good chance that if Paulino doesn't impress The Law Offices of Mills, Arnsberg, and Wade, he'll go back to Round Rock to continue to develop - thanks to his one remaining option. So let's look at this:

If Paulino craps the bed:
SP5 - Moehler
BP1 - Sampson
BP2 - Wright/Gervacio
BP3 - Byrdak
BP4 - Arias
BP5 - Fulchino
BP6 - Lindstrom
BP7 - Lyon

If Paulino wins SP5:
BP1 - Moehler
BP2 - Sampson
BP3 - Byrdak
BP4 - Arias
BP5 - Fulchino
BP6 - Lindstrom
BP7 - Lyon

On the bubble is Yorman Bazardo, who either has to make the team, or clear waivers. Wade:
“He's got to be knee-deep in the competition. If we decide Yorman is not going to make our club, there's a real good chance we're not going to get him through waivers.”

Keep in mind Gustavo Chacin, Josh Banks, and Shane Loux are all looking for a job, too. And if they don't win it, they'll need a good Spring to find a place on another team. But it won't just come down to statistical results, right Ed Wade?

“We're all human. We remember the guys who work hard and do certain things.”