Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Recap for ST7: Astros v. Marlins

What Happened?
The Marlins got out to a 12-0 lead before cruising to a 16-4 win over the Astros. The Marlins were 7x16 with RISP, and the pitching failed as Wandy, Paulino, and Majewski threw for a combined 5IP, 12H/10ER.

Why They Lost
Well, allowing 12 runs in the first five innings has something to do with it. Mike Stanton and Dan Uggle went back-to-back off Wandy in the 1st for three runs, and a throwing error by Edwin Maysonet led to two unearned runs for Wandy. The Astros were 1x8 w/RISP and left six on base. The Marlins also enjoyed eleven extra-base hits - six doubles, two triples, and three homers.

Astros pitching
We've discussed Wandy, and Paulino gave up three hits and two walks in his IP, and Majewski allowed three hits and one walk in his one IP. The youngsters were more impressive, with Henry Villar throwing a perfect inning, and Fernando Abad giving up 2H/1ER, and a strikeout in 2IP. Less impressive was Wesley Wright, who gave up three hits and walk that led to three earned runs.

Astros batting
Chris Johnson hit a two-run shot off Chris Volstad in the 5th inning, while Drew Meyer and Edwin Maysonet had the other two RBI. And let's give it up for Drew Locke, who hit a pinch-hit double for his first hit of the Spring. Otherwise, it was a big pile of nothing.

0-fers: Sullivan (0x3, BB), Lee (0x2), Bourgeois (0x2), Towles (0x3)

Positional Battles

Towles: 0x3, 4LOB (.533 for the Spring)
Cash: 0x1, (.000)

Romero: 0x1 (.400)
Bogusevic: 0x1, K
Bourgeois: 0x2 (.000)

Navarro: 1x1 (.250)
Shelton: 0x1 (.300)
Johnson: 1x3, HR, 2RBI

Man of the Match
This one goes out to Henry Villar, who was the only pitcher able to keep all his Marlins off the bases.

Goat of the Game
Gary Majewski. 1IP, 3H/4ER, 1K:1BB