Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Morris Daily-Herald has a big bag of bummer for us

There are some major eyebrow-raisers in this preview of the 2010 Astros, starting with Humberto Quintero getting the nod as C1. Let's go to the italics:

The emergence of Rodriguez in 2009 and the addition of Myers should mean that Oswalt shouldn't have to carry an otherwise lackluster rotation ... which is good, given that he no longer looks like one of the game's elite starting pitchers.

And on the bullpen:
Either Lindstrom or Lyon should win the closer's job. No matther what, they'll be a huge downgrade from the departed Jose Valverde...I wouldn't trust either Norris or Moehler in a full-time starting role if I was an Astros fan. Nor would I count on guys like Byrdak, Chris Sampson and Wesley Wright being consistent out of the bullpen.

So to sum up: Don't think highly of Lindstrom or Lyon. Or Bud Norris. Or Brian Moehler. Or Tim Byrdak. Or Chris Sampson. Or Wesley Wright.