Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pushing Myers back on purpose?

We all know that Brett Myers is kind of an emotional guy. And I imagine that pitching against Philadelphia would bring out some sort of extra effort in Myers - maybe to the point of his groin detaching from the bone to get in the first jab at his former team.

So, even though Myers felt okay after a slight injury last week, he was pushed back to Friday, though he was supposed to start today. And his opponent today? The Phillies. And who would that put him in line to face next weekend (it feels good to say, "Next weekend" and be talking about meaningful baseball)? The Phillies.

Mills' handling of Myers this Spring has been good, and keeping him away from the Phillies - at least until he gets going this season - is a great idea.

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Kathy Amen said...

ooooooo! "Next weekend does sound SO good!