Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another 5th place prediction

Come on, somebody grow some and pick the Astros to finish 2nd. The Sport Review has the Astros finishing ahead of the Pirates, at least:

Aside from a couple of notable exceptions, like 2004 second round pick Hunter Pence, Houston’s acquisition and development of young talent has been pretty abysmal. They will be relying once again on the offense of Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman – a situation not helped by the fact that Berkman will not be for Opening Day.

With the ball, Roy Oswalt was far from his best last year, but the Astros would rather have him on the roster than not. Unfortunately for them, there could be some delay in that, after the right-hander suffered a hamstring strain a few days ago and may not be ready for Opening Day...

...Regardless, 2010 is likely to be a long year for the ‘Stros

Yeah, that's true. I'd rather have Roy on the roster than not.

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