Monday, March 1, 2010

Play That Funky Ball: Opening Day!

If you've been reading every single entry over the past month, you'll remember that I'm the manager of the 1977 Houston Astros for the Play That Funky Ball Strat-O-Matic replay of the 1977 season.

Yesterday was Opening Day, and your '77 Astros started off with an 8-3 loss to the Cubs:
Houston finally wakes up on the late side with a flurry of hits and all three of their runs, but this is a Cubbie onslaught for most of the game. Slim Rick Reuschel puts Ferguson and Cedeno on with a walk and single to start the day, then whiffs Watson, Cruz and Puhl in a row, and four of the next six he faces.

W-R. Reuschel L-Richard HR-Gross

And I'm already pissed off.


Spruce said...

You could blame it on a toxic clubhouse atmosphere.

The Constable. said...


And in setting an example for future Astros, I've already held three team meetings and choke-slammed the GM.

Jeff Polman said...

Now now, skipper. It's a long season.

My Bosox got their butts wiped by Jim Palmer, and you don't see me crying. Yet.

Joe said...

JR Richard owns all

The Constable. said...

Joe - J.R. Richard does own all. Except the Cubs on Opening Day, apparently.

And Jeff, it may be a long season, but panicking early is an Astros fan's rite of passage.